Content Strategist

vhite is looking for a content strategist, to work on content and design projects for our clients.

A content strategist who can often use UX, CX, and business goals in the same sentence, for different reasons

Your daily or weekly gains

  • Business idea discussions - for scope, validation, and market
  • Content audit, content gap analysis
  • Content modelling - metadata, taxonomy
  • Contribution to define content ROI goals
  • Your work goals are punctuated with discussions around

  • Why auto-renewal makes more sense in account settings and not in business accounts?
  • Why subscribers should not be allowed to add more than 4 new services?
  • Why a new user may not prefer to use a poster while publishing a new story?
  • Why so? Why not? But why?
  • What we are looking for

  • Basic understanding of content strategy as a discipline. If you are a technical communicator, a content marketer, or an information architect, be clear of your career path for why you are interested in this position.
  • Ownership. We do not care whether you work for 20 hours or 60 hours a week. Own it and deliver it, and enjoy the Chandigarh walks.
  • A change agent. An attitude to take risks, to be different, to learn, to be prepared to fail, and to try again!
  • Experience and awareness. We do not need your experience or references. Show us that you are aware of what you need to do, and we will make a decision.
  • For the gentle knock

  • Your application is the first important step. Be careful, accurate, and innovative, and sell yourself in your application to win a discussion call. We do not need your resume, we need your story. This Medium post on our interview process may help you prepare better.
  • Make a claim with a proposal to do what very few people in the world are doing.
  • Write to us at vinishjg [at] gmail [dot] com. We will accept a 50 words story as well as a 2000 words story. Be on target in either case.
  • Facility

    • vhite systems
      Chitkara Innovation Incubator (see the website)
      Mansa Devi Complex, Sector 4, Panchkula 134112 INDIA
    • Email
      vinish [dot] garg [at] vhite [dot] com